Organic food argumentative essay

Read 10 facts on food safety provided by the World Health Organization. The National Organic Program led by the U.

The Term “Organic” Used Today

Department of Agriculture ensures that the products are organic, meaning that no prohibited substances or practices are used when producing it. There is also the Organic Foods Production Act which lists all prohibited practices, pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, and the like. USDA orders and conducts testings of organic products to see whether they meet the standards or not. Indeed, the market for agricultural goods has increased over 1, times in price during The biggest problem is that, after the products were certified, farmers can shift to non-organic production anytime and market it under the organic label.

The whole system is trust-based, and the customer may even not know that he or she consumes non-organic products at the price of organic ones.

The Benefits of Organic Food

To illustrate the point, here are some facts for consideration. In , product samples were tested by the USDA. Some products were really organic but came into contact with non-organic pesticides, and the rest of the products were simply mislabeled as organic. While there is still a discussion going on regarding whether organic food is healthier than non-organic food, it might be the case when people are creating the problem out of nowhere.

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There are natural products which can cause more harm to the human body than chemicals. On the other hand, it is hard to be sure that certain products are really organic.

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Final tip! Moreover, you know what exactly will make your essay stand out from the others. World Scientific, ; Reed M. Organic foods also advocate for better farming methods.

Organic Foods Outlets

These methods are environment-friendly. They thus help in keeping the environment safe. They do not harm the soil or water and thus do not alter the living of other microorganisms. Organic farming practices do not reduce soil fertility or even change the PH value.

Argumentative essay about organic food

There are various known organic food outlets. These stores are licensed and according to word regulations they can only sell foods that have the right chemical content. The common places include supermarkets, fresh foods outlets, some groceries and from the internet.

Buyers are however advised to be cautious when buying organic foods. They are encouraged to read the food description carefully to ensure that they buy the right foods. The organic food industry is growing at a very high rate. Introduction- Have you ever asked yourself, how healthy your food really is? We will provide information on the subject for you. With spending money on foods, which has a great impact on the body, to helping our environment; we will be discussing the pros and cons of organic vs conventional foods.

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  8. Body Part 1 Pros — Organic foods can be. One day you are in a supermarket and you decided to buy vegetables. Well, they are all.

    Organic farming produces organic food. The goal is to encourage soil and water conservation, reduce pollution, and constrain conventional methods to fertilize and control weeds. According to the U.

    The Essay on “Is Organic Food Really Organic?” |

    The advancement of technology, and the evolution of farming practices has created a great. There are different sides to the organic food argument. One is that organic food is much better than conventional food. The other is that conventional food is just as good as organic and more for your dollar.

    To some families organic food is more then they can afford because of the extra work that is required to grow it. People say that organic food is better because it has no chemicals or fertilizer in it but that is not true because they. Organic Food Benefits With the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle being abundantly clear, healthy food choices are now in the spotlight. The demand for organic foods among U.