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Child Development. Christian Counseling. Civil Engineering. Computer Engineering. Computer Science.

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Conflict Resolution. Construction Management. Counseling Psychology. Criminal Justice. Cyber Security. Data Science. Early Childhood Education. Educational Leadership. Electrical Engineering. Elementary Education. Emergency Management. Engineering Management. Environmental Science. Exercise Science. Fire Science. Forensic Psychology. Forensic Science.

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Geographic Information Systems. Health Education. Healthcare Administration. Healthcare Management. Holistic Medicine. Homeland Security. Human Resources. Human Services. Industrial Engineering.

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Information Technology. Law Enforcement. Liberal Studies. Library Science. Mechanical Engineering. Nurse Practitioner NP. Occupational Safety. Occupational Therapy.

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Organizational Leadership. Physical Education. Physical Therapy. Physician Assistant.

Project Management. Public Administration. Public Health. Real Estate. Religious Studies. School Counseling. Secondary Education. Social Work. Special Education. Sports Management. Substance Abuse Counseling. Supply Chain Management. Check out this piece by Dr Deborah Netolicky explaining what a doctorate is.

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Now ensure that you set up your environment appropriately and that you have a proper network in place. You should have taken all the steps below before you even contact a potential supervisor for the first time. Learn how to use your technology. You need a good word processor and good referencing software and you need to use all their features from the start.

If you already have many hand-made plain text bibliographies in your previous writing, then create an account with WizFolio , where you can paste a bibliography into a dialogue box and export your references as a RIS file , to be imported into Mendeley or the others.

Set up a communication and archiving system. I use a whole lot of Google applications. Gmail for communication, Google drive to store my documents, Blogspot to post ideas, and of course Google Sites for static information. Then I use Dropbox as a backup. Get introduced to the field. Start with Wikipedia. Do not listen to the snobs who say you shouldn't.

It's how you use it that matters.

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You begin by reading the article on the topic of your choice. If it is completely strange and hard to understand, then you cannot do your doctorate in that field. Then, if you feel that you are so familiar with the contents that you could have written it yourself, you proceed. Now click on the "Talk" tab at the top of the article, and read the comments made by the various participants in the article.

It is here where you will start finding the issues that may or may not be worth researching.

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What debates are going on there. Find out who's who in the field. Take note of the authors who commented on the Wikipedia article.

Then scroll down to the reference section of the article itself and make a list of all the authors cited. Make a list of these authors and sort them according to this score. Now take the top five authors and for each, determine which are the top-scoring journals in which they publish. Now, when you have the top five authors, and the top five journals, identify the top five articles published by each of the top five authors, and identify the top five articles published in each of the top five journals.

Now copy the keywords of all these articles into a spreadsheet. Sort them alphabetically and determine the five most popular keywords. You may want to draw a graph of these.