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The Olympic Games become a unifying event that unites people on the ground of their love to sport and healthy lifestyle. At the same time, the Olympics have a considerable impact at all levels from the individual level to the global one. However in spite of the level of the impact of the Olympics, the Games contribute to the formation of the imagined community which allows people to shape the imagined identity, which though is short run and fades away, when the Olympics end.

People perceive the Olympics in different ways but they can hardly stay indifferent or unaffected by the Olympics.

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In addition, it is possible to distinguish participants of the Olympics and the spectators, i. Sportspersons participating in the Olympics develop their identity feeling their unity as the community of sportspersons. Even though this community is imagined in a way, because they may never encounter each other in their life before or after the competitions, but during those few weeks of the Olympic Games, they live like a sort of family or community, where all sportspersons feel their belongingness to that community, no matter how short run the existence of this community is Bagdikian, The audience of the Olympics comprises another large group of people which may unite in imagined communities and develop their identities within those communities.

These communities may exist at the local level, as well as at the national or even international level. People can unite into small communities and change their identity while being a part of those small communities at the local level. For instance, people attending a sport bar on the regular basis develop their identity.

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At the national level, people can also unite in imagined community of fans supporting their national teams and sportspersons representing their countries on the Olympics. In such a situation, people feel their unity as the nation but they have the authentic feeling of the belongingness to the community, where they can feel being a part of the nation. In such communities, they develop their identities that may be different from the identity, which they have in their everyday life. For instance, the Olympics may raise patriotic feelings and emotions that contribute to the unity of members of the imagined community consisting of fans of sports and people interested in the Olympics.

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The Olympic Games Of The Olympics

The first record of these games is of one Coroebus of Elis, a cook, winning a sprint race in BC. Most historians believe the games to have been going on for approximately years before this. In the year Coroebus was made a part of history, there was apparently only one simple event, a race called the stade. The track was said to be one stade long or roughly yards. In subsequent games, additional events were to be added, most likely to increase the challenge to these amazing athletes.

Wrestling and the famous Pentathlon were introduced in BC. The Pentathlon consisted of five events; the long jump, javelin throw, discus throw, foot race, and wrestling. The Pentathlons, especially the successful ones, were often treated and even worshipped like gods. Because of their exquisite physiques, they were used as the models for statues of the Greek Gods.

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The superior athletic ability of these athletes affects the games even today. The twisting and throwing method of the discus throw, which originated in Ancient Greece, is still used today.

go The original events were even more challenging than those of today. The modern discus weighs in at just 5 pounds, one-third of the original weight, and the long jumps were done with the contestant carrying a five pound weight in each hand. The pit to be traversed in this jump allowed for a 50 foot jump, compared to just over 29 feet in our modern Olympics.

Apparently, the carried weights, used correctly, could create momentum to carry the athlete further.

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Legend has it that one Olympian cleared the entire pit by approximately 5 feet, breaking both legs as he landed. One significant difference between the modern and ancient games; the original Olympians competed in the nude. Because of this, the 45, spectators consisted of men and unwed virgin women only. The only exception to this would be the priestess of Demeter who was also the only spectator honored with a seat.