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Anderson, Thomas C.

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Essays on Existentialism

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In it he describes the aspects of existentialism as well as defends accusations made about existentialism. His main argument is "existence precedes essence. We are responsible for our destiny and we are nothing more than what we make of ourselves.

Key Points of Jean Paul Sartre’s (1905 – 1980) existentialist Philosophy:

The only choice we do not have is that of having choices; we are condemned to be free. This comes with consequences. It results in anguish, forlornness, and despair. The feeling of total and complete responsibility causes anguish. Forlornness is caused by having to face the consequences of complete freedom. Despair is the result of having to choose between different probabilities that arrive out of having a choice.

Thee atheist existentialist believes there is no God. Without a God there is no human nature, morals or ethics built into humanity.

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Man is left to make of his life, as he wants. He will choose his own destiny.