Essay on indiscipline in schools

The postings, appointments, transfers etc. Corruption and favoritism are rampant in these institutions. The teachers themselves are corrupt. They are greedy and run after illegal means of making quick money. They do not inspire confidence, hope and honesty among students. They indulge in dirty politics and can stoop to any depth to have money. Therefore, there is a crisis of character. Students have no role models to follow. Students find themselves groping about in the dark. The cable and TV boom and influence of western ideas and culture have further worsened the situation.

The rapid disintegration of families has also contributed to the increasing indiscipline among students. There is neither character nor values, nor morals in the society. Students imitate their parents, teachers, leaders and elders and behave accordingly. The education imparted in schools and colleges in totally irrelevant.

It is not job-oriented. Students fail to get suitable and early employment after finishing their education and training.

One has to pay a huge amount of money as a bribe to secure even a modest job. Students with resources and recommendations get all the good jobs. Reservation of jobs for certain categories of students has further worsened the situation.

essay on indiscipline in the classroom

The merit has been marginalized. Therefore, students feel cheated, frustrated and disillusioned. There is no proper guidance, advice etc. As a result of all this, much of their energy, time and resources go waste and they become victims of indecision. This leads to more frustration, hopelessness, and aimlessness. The classes are overcrowded.

There is no personal contact between teachers and students. There is too much pressure on students as they are always score excellent grades. The system of examination is also very-defective. It encourages copying, rot learning, and reliance on cheap market notes. A month or so before the examination, the students engage themselves in studies.

Discipline and causes of indiscipline

For the rest of the year they are idle. There are no extra-curricular activities worth their names. Their energies are not properly utilised, and therefore they find expression in violence, unrest and indiscipline. An ideal hand is still worse. The problem is grave but it is not impossible to check it.

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It is the duty of the leaders, educationists and teachers to address the problem immediately. There should be no political interference in the running of colleges etc. The entire education system should be overhauled and made job-oriented. Since students do not have mature minds, they cannot understand the justness or unjustness of a cause and, hence, are likely to fall a victim in the hands of bad people. As such, the students neglect their studies and grow undisciplined. Causes of indiscipline among students: It is generally for the cause of some rights and privileges that students choose the path of indiscipline. The often stage strikes and demonstrations. Real cause of this problem is to be looked into. But students alone are not to be blamed for this. A student of today is certainly a discontented and dissatisfied youth. It neither forms the character of our students nor enables them to earn their living after completing the education.

As such, education does not foster the growth of qualities such as initiative, self-confidence etc. Student today is an unfortunate creature. Few have a work of praise for him. I wish many more such years of continued success and growth and hope we continue to nurture the youth of our country with knowledge and right values.

Today, as one of the senior faculty members of this institute, I am here to host this ceremony and deliver a succinct speech on discipline for all my students given the fact that it has become the need of the hour as in present times our youth is somewhat living an erratic lifestyle and are flouting rules and codes of behavior.

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We should always remember that time is money and if we will destroy time then time will destroy us! So discipline is required in every walk of life no matter we are a student or not. Discipline is the very essence of our lives and if we do away with it then certainly negative impact on our future prospects would follow.

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Though whiling away time will give you temporary pleasure, but in the end it will result in only a painful experience. It, therefore, becomes important to discipline our lives right from the beginning and make it a basis of conducting our lives. In fact, discipline is required not only at all stages of life, but in every sphere of life too. For instance, an army cannot imagine its existence without it and so enforces strict discipline in their department and divisions with zero toleration policy. An educational institute too cannot function without it; this is the reason why fixed hours are allocated to both the teachers and students and each one is made to follow the suite so that the rules and regulation of the institution are kept intact.

Likewise, in corporate, courts, auditoriums, including even the small private firms discipline has to be maintained in order to preserve the sanctity of the place. In hospitals, the visitors are allowed only at the designated hours beyond which no visitors are entertained. Even for a small thing as paying your electricity bill or the telephone bill or buying a movie ticket for that matter, you will have to stand in a queue and get your work done. When it comes to our personal lives, we cannot afford complete luxury and some sort of discipline has to be maintained for a stable and meaningful life.

For instance, if you succumb to temptation and over eat things, your stomach will get upset. Similarly, if you watch television till late night, you will start feeling unwell the next morning. So in a nutshell, life is best enjoyed when discipline is observed. Nothing gives satisfaction in life when the very essence of living life is missing and our existence becomes mere animal-like. In the end, I would just request our students to not let anyone impose rules in your life; rather observe self-discipline, systematize yourself and reap the fruits of benefits out of it.

Today, this special assembly is organized for the purpose of discussion about discipline among students.

Paragraph on Discipline In Student Life -- essay on Discipline In Student Life

So, before I begin, I would like to explain you that what is discipline? These days, discipline among students is decreasing and it is a very problematic situation which needs to be solved. The reason for setting up rules and regulations in the school is to teach students about what is discipline and maintain discipline among them. In the early stage of a student when he starts from prep, this is the time where the teaching of discipline begins and parents play an important role in maintaining discipline in their child because a child only spends maximum eight hours in the school and rest of the time with his parents.

It is very important to understand the importance of discipline in our lives. If we talk about maturity, self discipline is very important to learn. It helps us to govern and rule ourselves. This is the hardest task among all. Existence of a good school is only possible if there is discipline because it is the first purpose of sending children to school for parents.

Just think that, if students can do whatever they want to do in their schools then it will become impossible for the teachers to teach.