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EC does not have a magic wand to remove black money from the elections," Quraishi said. Electoral bonds are promissory notes that allow anonymous, digital donations to registered political parties.

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Due to cheap data tariffs, India is home to the biggest markets for social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp. To check the misuse of social media, candidates are required to declare their social media accounts. Facebook and Google have promised not to allow malicious content on their platforms and will report fake news and hate speech to the election commission.

National security has dominated the election campaigning in the wake of a military standoff with neighbouring Pakistan following a suicide attack in Indian-administered Kashmir. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is seeking re-election, has used national security and a promise to build a temple for the Hindu god Ram to galvanise his Hindu support base. In the past five years under the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP government, social tensions have gone up due to attacks on minority groups such as Dalits and Muslims.

The opposition parties, including the Congress party, have questioned the government's handling of the job crisis - the worst in 45 years - and agrarian distress. Though a number of Indian cities have been included in the most-polluted list, pollution has failed to become an election issue.

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Female representation in House of the People has been low despite India electing a woman prime minister, Indira Gandhi, in In the outgoing lower house, only 59 lawmakers were female. India is home to million Muslims, who are underrepresented in its democratic institutions.

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In the last parliament, only 22 MPs were Muslims - the lowest since India conducted its first elections in Commenting has been disabled. To find out more, click here. Explore how your country voted on global issues since , as the world gears up for the 74th UN General Assembly. Interactive , United Nations , Human Rights.

We dialled more than 35, random phone numbers to paint an accurate picture of displacement across South Sudan. South Sudan , Humanitarian crises , Africa. Meet the man on a mission to take down Cambodia's timber tycoons and expose a rampant illegal cross-border trade. Asia Pacific , Interactive , Cambodia.

Sustainable Development in India

Residents of long-neglected northwestern tribal belt say incorporation into Pakistan has left them in a vacuum. Pakistan , Asia. As the Taliban and US negotiate a peace deal, Afghan women fear their rights and freedoms will be traded for stability. Afghanistan , Taliban , Women's Rights.

An investigation into journalist Jamal Khashoggi's death which implicates the highest levels of the Saudi government.

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Governance is a complex job as it tries to make a bridge between the masses and the administration. Political parties need proper knowledge, experience, and thorough capabilities of administration to deliver to the people.

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Surveys conducted after the elections show that the majority of Pakistanis want a democratic government they believe that things will improve under a democratic government. For good governance the concept of accountability can be understood in different ways. It is now customary to distinguish between 'vertical accountability' of public institutions to citizens and 'horizontal accountability' of one public institution to another.

Modern states combine multiple institutional arrangements, legal frameworks and organisational structures to ensure both vertical and horizontal accountability.

Sustainable Development and India

In Pakistan, as in other democratic countries, elections to the parliament and provincial assemblies and direct and indirect elections to district, municipal and union councils are the most visible mechanisms for ensuring vertical accountability. But there are other important institutions, such as civil society organisations, research institutes, intellectuals and communications media, which exercise oversee governance.

There are a number of questions about government transparency, which can be understood as the extent to which citizens have access to information that can facilitate their understanding of decision-making policies, budgets, projects, etc. Transparency is important because it generates pressure on public officials for greater accountability for their decisions and it serves as a check on corruption. One of the most common results of low transparency in government decision-making is corruption.

Results show a high level of corruption in most interactions with the police during the previous two years.

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District governments are responsible for the management of primary and secondary healthcare facilities, including Basic Health Units, Rural Health Centres and Tehsil and District Headquarters Hospitals. It includes issues such as the equipping and maintenance of facilities, assuring a constant supply of medicines, regular attendance of staff, and construction of new facilities. Provincial health departments, however, also have important roles to play, specifically in the posting and transfer of staff and critical aspects of human resource management.

It is unfortunate that democratic governments are never given a chance by anti-democratic forces to complete their tenure. It is time we strengthened democracy and allowed our people to progress as are doing some of our neighbours. Good governance need of the hour November 01, Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Federal governments are responsible for managing foreign affairs, financial affairs and defence.


Results show a high level of corruption in most interactions with the police during the previous two years — 90 per cent paid bribes, —in legal procedures involving judicial authorities, 78 per cent paid bribes, —in land administration, 92 per cent paid bribes, — in getting access to health services from public hospitals, 67 per cent paid bribes, and — in getting admission and registration at public schools, 50 per cent paid bribes.

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