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Feminism and contemporary art

On the first day of class, she asked us to think about the artists we had studied in depth during the previous three years. How many women could we remember?

The answer was simple: not a single one. The next question seemed to follow naturally: Why have there been no great women artists? This was precisely the title of a ground-breaking essay by Linda Nochlin, then a Professor at Vassar College, where she questioned the whole intellectual structure upon which this inquiry is based.

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In art history, women appear mainly as models or muses. For centuries, the work of those few women that had access to artistic training has been considered to be inferior and secondary compared to that of their masters, fathers, brothers, husbands or lovers. This idea crystallised in the exhibition Women Artists: organised by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in , which included works by more than thirty artists from different periods, such as Artemisia Gentileschi, Rosa Bonheur, Gwen John and Lee Krasner.

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Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party, — Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York. The flourishing of the feminist movement in the s and s prompted not only art theorists but also artists to re-discover lost role models for women and attack the male-centred version of history that had always passed as legitimate.

Feminist Art Movement: Overview and Analysis

Martha Rosler, Semiotics of the Kitchen, Watch a clip here. It is important to remember, however, that not all art produced by women is necessarily feminist or aimed against patriarchy. In opposition to the initiatives that simply sook to lessen the effects of discrimination, such as women-only exhibitions, important voices like that of feminist scholar Griselda Pollock urged for a more political model of feminist interventions.

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  • Rescuing the work of women who have been excluded from art history is not enough; in order to undermine patriarchal society, it is necessary to explore and deeply question the social structures that have led to this process of exclusion. Many female artists have brought awareness to the oppression, marginalization and violence that women have suffered for centuries through their art, particularly after the s.

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    Frida Kahlo, My Birth, Private collection. For me, one of the most interesting examples of this is Frida Kahlo, who in the s depicted her own birth in a way that finds no parallel in the history of art.

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    Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. Art Term Feminist art Feminist art is art by artists made consciously in the light of developments in feminist art theory in the early s. Twitter Facebook Email Pinterest. Explore this term Left Right. Tate Etc. Lumps, bumps, bulbs, bubbles, bulges, slits, turds, coils, craters, wrinkles and holes Elaine Showalter Louise Bourgeois at Tate Modern.

    source site Who are Guerrilla Girls? A brief look at the activist female artists who are changing the world one poster at Betsy Berne — painter, novelist and fellow pugilist — Selected artists in the collection Left Right.

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