Educating rita act 1 scene 1 essay

This is because she brings some oil and tries fixing the faulty door. This shows her determination to get an education and how much she wants to learn.

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She never sits down and goes straight to the window. Throughout the play whenever she is in the office she goes to the window.

This is what Rita dreams of being. Frank has a picture of a naked woman on the wall. This is one of the first things that Rita notices. He also seems to have lost all interest in art and women. Both Frank and Rita both have completely different ways of living. They also have very different accents. It could be said that he speaks the standard way. Frank also speaks in Standard English.

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This is where he says his words like they are written in the dictionary and everyone will understand what he means. Also Rita swears a lot.

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By swearing and using inappropriate taboo language. Frank and Rita sometimes get confused with each other on several occasions in the play. This is probably the most important point in the play because it shows that Frank and Rita come from completely different ways of life. Rita speaks with a lot of dysphemism. This is where the language she uses is shocking and impolite. The euphemistic way of saying this could be breasts. Her lecturer, who is from a more middle class background, Frank, is somewhat.

Comment on: How Russell introduces the characters and themes.

Educating Rita Act 1 Scene 1 Essay

How he makes the scene dramatic and entertaining. Russell uses an effective way to start the play. It is effective because we find out that Frank is alcohol dependent and he is lazy by not getting the door fixed.

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Russell faces many problems when trying to introduce his play such as showing Franks alcohol dependency, Rita striving for a change, showing relationships between Frank and Rita, Frank and Julia and Rita and Denny. A telephone call tells us that Frank has a partner.

Educating Rita

The telephone tells us that Frank and Julia do not get on …show more content…. The misunderstanding between them is the source of much of the humour in the scene. Russell brings humour into the play before anyone says a word. We think that Frank is looking for a book on the shelves but we soon find out that Franks is actually looking for a bottle of whisky that he has hidden so the student and other teachers cannot see it.

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This shows to us that Frank and Rita are from two different worlds, this also creates humour in the play. Rita asks Frank what assonance means.

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When Frank gives her an example of assonance, he asks her if she has heard of Yeats the poet but Rita confuses Yeats the poet with Yeats the wine lodge. This shows that they are completely different people. This is a clever and witty.

“Educating Rita” Essay

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